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Trasparenze - Opaque wool tights Jennifer, 100 denier, marrone, size S

Trasparenze - Opaque wool tights Jennifer, 100 denier, marrone, size S
Opaque wool tights, soft and warm, 100 denier. Perfect for winter! 70% wool, 15% polyamide, 15% elastane Available sizes: 1 (XS), 2 (S), 3 (M), 4 (L), 5 (XL)
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Available colours:
farbe_bianco-lana_trasparenze.jpg farbe_corda_trasparenze.jpg farbe_noisette_trasparenze.jpg
farbe_nero.jpg farbe_blu_trasparenze.jpg farbe_marrone_trasparenze.jpg
farbe_bosco_trasparenze.jpg farbe_asfalto_trasparenze.jpg farbe_fumo_trasparenze.jpg
farbe_vinaccia_trasparenze.jpg farbe_rubino_trasparenze.jpg farbe_prugna_trasparenze.jpg
Made in Italy
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