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Aristoc - 10 denier Ultimate Matt Hold Ups

Aristoc - 10 denier Ultimate Matt Hold Ups
The ultimate in natural matt luxury. These beautiful and resilient hold ups add a sheer flawless foundation to complement your skin tone, the 10 denier leg gives a flawless matt leg appearance. Knitted with an innovative top for a seamless finish,
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hypoallergenic silicone which is dermatologist approved and
proven to remain comfortably in place throughout wear.
Designed to withstand the knocks of your busy life,
they are knitted with a revolutionary yarn, that
prevents holes turning into ladders, enabling you
to carry on wearing them for the rest of the day.
- 10 denier natural matt appearance
- Three dimensional construction offering extreme comfort
  & an exceptional fit
- Elegant band design
- With sheer toes making them perfect to wear with sandals
- Direct silicone hold ups technology
65% polyamide, 35% elastane
Available colors:
farbe_nude_gerbe.jpg farbe_black.jpg farbe_illusion_aristoc.jpg
152-163 cm
44-66 kg
163-173 cm
50-74 kg
173-183 cm
56-83 kg
Made in England
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