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Annes - 15 denier classic tights Estate, perle, size L

Annes - 15 denier classic tights Estate, perle, size L
Sheer classic tights, 15 denier, with reinforced body and reinforced toe for extra durability. 86% polyamide, 14% elastane Available sizes: 2/S, 3/M, 4/L, 5/XL
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Available colours:
farbe_sabia_annes_2.jpg farbe_cypria_fiore.jpg farbe_sahara_2.jpg 
farbe_natural_annes.jpg farbe_nuciola_annes.jpg farbe_visone-2.jpg 
farbe_daino_annes.jpg farbe_antylopa_annes.jpg farbe_lion_annes.jpg
farbe_perle_annes.jpg farbe_avana_annes.jpg farbe_grafit_annes.jpg
farbe_popiel_annes.jpg farbe_nero.jpg farbe_castoro_annes.jpg
farbe_bianco.jpg farbe_nudo_annes.jpg
Consisting of
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Trasparenze - Sensuous mock fishnet tights with floral pattern Basso, black, size SGerbe - Ultra sheer shiny hold ups Sunlight 10 DEN, nude, size LGerbe - Timeless elegant fishnet tights Resille, black, size L
KUNERT - Glossy opaque tights Shine, black, size SKUNERT - Trendy dogtooth pattern tightsFiore - Subtle flower pattern tights Anastasia 20 DEN, black, size L
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